Companies Law and Business Law

Companies Law and Business Law are a special focus of our work and specialization. In these fields of law we have for many years enjoyed the trust of well-known companies from a wide range of business sectors in Austria and abroad. These companies range greatly in size and include large international concerns and small local businesses.

Together with them, their tax consultant and other advisors we make every effort to work out and implement farsighted, qualitative and legally sound solutions in order to ensure their own and their company’s future in the best possible manner.

Our expertise in this core area particularly
includes the following services

Advising on a company’s optimal legal form

Forming sole proprietorships, business partnerships and capital companies under Austrian Law

Structuring and setting up domestic, international and cross-border companies with special consideration of conflict of laws, European Law, civil law, tax and public law aspects

Mergers and fusions of capital companies

Conversions of capital companies by formation, merger and with identity preservation

Contributing businesses, parts of businesses and interests in business partnerships and capital companies

Cross-border relocation of the seat of a corporation

Advising in all legal areas concerning acquisition and sale of companies and interests in companies, particularly design of purchase agreements (asset deals) and share purchase agreements (share deals)

Advising corporate organs when drawing up articles of association, syndicate agreements and arbitration agreements as well as when conducting squeeze-out proceedings and mergers and acquisitions

Liquidating a company

Obtaining approvals / permits from public and judicial authorities

Drawing up petitions to the Land Register and the Companies Register as well as petitions for trade licenses